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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dutch-Indonesian + German music a gogo : The Javalins and The Crazy Girls


The Javalins

In 1960,the Dutch-Indonesian band "Hurricane Rollers" changed their name to "Strangers","Crazy Strangers" and then "Javalins".This name was chosen because most of the group were born in Java.The almost exclusively instrumental group recorded mostly in Germany.The Javalins only played 2 times in The Netherlands during the 60's.In Germany and Scandinavia they were much more famous.There records were recorded and they played to crowds of thousands.The Javalins consisted of Franky Franken (singer-guitar), Robby Latuperisa (drums), Hans Bax (guitar), Peter Theunissen (bass) and Gerard Buskop (piano-organ).Their "Al Capone" remains one of the finest examples of Dutch-Indonesian rock 'n' roll.The group had a reunion in 1981 with Frank Luyten instead of Franky Franken.Later The Javalins also did a few concerts with their original singer.Sadly Franky Franken died on 15 september 1998.Since then no plans for further concerts were made.

Al Capone
The Monkey Walk

The Crazy Girls and The Javalins
Around 1963 The Javalins combined their musical talents with those of German girl-group (The) Crazy Girls.Freddy from Germany (thanks Freddy!) contacted me via get hip! and got me this info (and a picture!) "The Crazy Girls didn't get very popular in Germany.They were a studio-group produced by Paul Kuhn (who was also producer of the Javalins).Officially the Crazy Girls consisted of: Rosi Rohr, Grit (or Gretel) Kästel and Ans Plevier (actually Dutch), all three were Members of the "Bhoto-Lucas-Chor".On some recordings Ans Plevier was replaced by Leonie Brückner.These girls didn't get famous,you won't find much information about them on the internet.But they were members of different other groups,which got great succes,the Bhoto-Lucas-Chor,Günther-Kallmann-Chor,die Sunshines and much more.They also did solo recordings,under different aliases".
Here's the discography of this super-team.Note they even had a 45 released in the USA!

Joe,Der Gitarrenmann

1963 COLUMBIA C 22462 Hey, Hey, Ha, Ha (v) / Joe, Der Gitarrenmann (Germany)
1963 COLUMBIA DW 6145 Hey, Hey, Ha, Ha (v) / Joe, Der Gitarrenmann (Holland)
1963 CAPITOL 5050 Joe, The Guitar Man / Hey, Hey, Ha, Ha (v) (USA)
1963 COLUMBIA C 22637 Hully-Gully-Hop (v) / Lass Sie Reden (Germany)

The Crazy Girls also released (amongst others?) this solo effort.

Big big thanks to 60-one and Freddy!

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  • At 10:15 AM, Anonymous YEYEOHYEAH said…

    Hi Bruno
    Thank goodness the frazzling weather has cooled down a bit.
    I enjoyed those instro postings and as for the The Crazy Girls they surely must be.
    Nice one.


  • At 10:26 AM, Blogger Bruno said…

    Hi yeyeohyeah,
    yes thank goodness it's a bit cooler now.
    glad you are enjoying! :)

  • At 2:09 PM, Blogger Ron. said…

    Hi Bruno

    Yes a very fine combination they were.
    "The Hully Gully Hop" of them is also a favorite of me.!


  • At 5:40 AM, Blogger Bruno said…

    HI Ron,glad you are enjoying,would love to hear their "Hully gully hop"!


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