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Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas a go go!

If you like the whole christmas thing and can't wait for it to be here again check out the wonderfull christmas a go go! blog featuring a lot of well known contributors.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Italian music a gogo : more La Cricca + Rossella Bernardini

Another great song from the boys and girls of La Cricca.This time from the 1965 Italian/french movie "I Complessi".Anybody out there can give me some more info on this wonderful group?

Amico va

Also check out Rossana Bernardini's version of The Newbeats' "Bread and butter" from the same movie. (Big thanks again to Italianbeat!)

Pane,burro e marmellata
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French music a gogo : Laura Ulmer

Special re-post for Kate.Laura Ulmer made 3 French ep's and 4 Canadian singles and an album.She was the daughter of Danish born Georges Ulmer who became a famous cartoonist,singer and actor when he moved to France in the early 40's .
Like her father,Laura also became a singer and she even appeared in a few movies.This is from her last (1967) Canadian single.

Les cover-girls
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Music a gogo : Les Surfs

Les Surfs,4 brothers and 2 sisters ( Rocky,Coco,Dave,Pat,Monique and Nicole) from a family of 12 children (les Rabaraona) were born in Madagascar.Making their first appearances under the name "Rabaraona frères et soeurs",they won first prize in an amateur singing contest organized by national radio station "Radio Tananarive" by doing 2 of The Platter's greatest hits "Only you" et "The great pretender".After this success the goup toured Madagascar under the name of "Les Béryl".They also recorded their first record in Tananarive (Petite fleur,Marin and Les trois cloches).At the demand of the French goverment they were chosen to represent Madagascar at the opening ceremony of the second French television station in Paris in september 1963 and from their first appearance there the French audience were in love with them (the fact that they were so small,average height of the group was between 1,43 and 1,55 meters,must have endeared them as much as their music).They got a record-deal from French label Festival and from then on were called LES SURFS.Their first European record was released in september 1963 during their first tour in France with Sheila and Frank Alamo. Their song "Reviens vite et oublie",a French-language version of "Be my baby",stayed in the top of the hit-parade for 3 months in France,Spain and Mexico (Spanish version).In 1964 after having performed at the Olympia in Paris (Les idoles des jeunes),Les Surfs were declared revelation of the year.The folowing years they toured all over the world and appeared on many television shows in the company of the biggest names.They recorded songs in French,Italian,Spanish,English and German.They also appeared in 2 movies:"Cherchez l'idole" with Frank Fernandel and Dany Saval, and "Le dernier tiercé" with Dario Moreno and Odile Versois.In 1971,after a long tour,Les Surfs split up.Today the four brothers live in Montréal,Canada (only Rocky is still performing),the sisters have sadly passed away.And now for a nice international mix of some rarer tracks... (Merci beaucoup au site officiel des Surfs pour les infos!)

El crossfire (in Spanish)
Uh huh (from the ep in French) (Big thanks to 60-one!)
Spegnete quella luce (in Italian)
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Québécois music a gogo : Les Beatlettes+Les Guerrières

The influence of the fab four was enormous on the Québec music scene so it was no surprise Les Beatlettes were formed.An all-girl group who didn't really sound like The Beatles.For more info on them and a few more songs I suggest you check out the excellent post at dans mon café.
Here they do a cover of a song by famous blond dyed Québec group Les Classels.Check out their original here.

Les Beatlettes-Ton amour a changé ma vie

Following the split-up of Les Beatlettes (due to a car-crash claiming two of the original member's lives) at the end of 1965,Claire Fugère decided to form another group called Les Guerrières (great name if you ask me),the group showed great potential but sadly only recorded one 45 and split up at the end of 1966.Shortly after Claire and 2 other Guerrières reformed Les Beatlettes.Check out their France Gall cover... (Big thanks to Eiffel50!)

Les Guerrières-Nous ne sommes pas des anges
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I've got tons more stuff lying around here both from myself and my generous contributors so I'll try to get some up in the next couple of days! :)