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Sunday, April 23, 2006

French music a gogo : Virginie Rodin

Check out this great French-language version by Virginie of the theme from the German 60's cult-series Raumpatrouille Orion (also known as Space Patrol in the English-language version).More about this series

Commando spatial

Also check out the swinging original theme by The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra.(big thanks to 60-one)

Space Patrol theme

files will be hosted approx. 7 days


  • At 1:42 PM, Anonymous YEYEOHYEAH said…

    Hello Bruno
    A fine pair of nostalgic Retro rockets you have fired off here.
    I once had a great version of the space patrol theme on an old Eddy Mers LP and it is a delight to be able to hear the original theme by Peter Thomas and also a cracking vocal rendition to put the icing on the cake.
    This posting is almost too good to believe.
    I think i am right in saying that Dietmarr Schonherr star of space patrol is married to the beautiful Danish singer and actress Vivi Bach.
    Your Blog has boldly gone where no bold Blog has Boldly gone before etc etc.
    Nice post

  • At 6:28 AM, Anonymous robert said…

    well, here it is:
    let's see how long i can keep it up ;-)

  • At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Alie T. said…

    Thanks for the wonderful're the best.

  • At 10:18 PM, Blogger Davecat said…

    Ever since reading about 'Raumpatroille: Orion' on the Internet a couple of years ago, I've always wanted to see it. Apart from the very mod Sixties design aesthetic, that theme song drew me in like no-one's business.. And Virginie Rodin's version is ace as well!

  • At 3:10 AM, Blogger Bruno said…

    Hi yeyeohyeah,well I'm always trying to be on the edge here,and thanks to 60-one we got both versions for the price of one!And Eddy Mers!Didn't know about that one...
    Hi Robert,your blog looks very promising,linking you!
    Hi alie t.,now don't make me blush,glad you are enjoying! :)
    Hi davecat,raumpatrouille is out on dvd (but in German only as far as I know)


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