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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Spanish music a gogo : Conchita Velasco

Conchita (also known as Concha) is a very respected Spanish actress that quite accidentally became a yé-yé singer. In the 1965 movie "Historias de la Televisión" (TV stories) Conchita sang the ironic "Chica YeYé" (yé-yé girl), composed by ... yes, Algueró/Guijarro. This wonderful song, that represents very well Spanish yé-yé, was a phenomenal success, instantly transforming Conchita into a pop star.There are many versions of the song, Conchita's is the original and arguably the best (with the exception perhaps of Rosalia's, another Spanish "yeyé" girl). Conchita never took very seriously her singing career.She always approached ironically her recordings. In the second half of the sixties she recorded several EPs for the Spanish label Belter,which included many tracks of Guijarro/Algueró. Antonio Guijarro's lyrics are usually rather sarcastic, and often work better performed by limited singers."Beatnik" was the main track of one of those ep's. In the song Conchita, who sounds totally rural and uncouth, sings that she can't love his persistent suitor because he's not beatnik enough, and she only could love someone that dresses and moves like a beatnik. By the end of the sixties Conchita´s moment as a yé-yé singer was over. She concentrated in her career as an actress which includes a lot of successes. She´s still very active.(Big thanks to 60-one and Julio Niño)

Chica ye yé-Conchita Velasco
Chica ye yé-Rosalia

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  • At 5:55 AM, Blogger QQF resident said…

    Groovy and fun indeed. But is it just me, or does Conchita sound a little angry?

    Many thanks

  • At 2:21 AM, Blogger MixAway said…

    I need to come here more often!
    Thanks Bruno!

  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Bruno said…

    Hi Roar,glad you like,yes she does sound like a fury unleashed!
    Hi mixaway,yes please do! :)


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