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Friday, June 30, 2006

Italian music video a gogo : Caterina Caselli

"Nessuno mi può giudicare" Italian tv performance.

Also check out the ukuyéyé project by Mareva Galanter!

French music a gogo : Ann Sorel

Another almost unknown yé-yé girl.If you hear this one,you'll wonder why...Don't even know from which single/ep? this is!


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Spanish music a gogo : Lita Torelló

One of the first Spanish yé-yé girls,Lita hailed from Barcelona.She also won several prizes at "El festival del Mediterráneo".Lita made several ep's until her retirement from the industry in 1967.Her first 12 ep's (60-65) are reunited on a double cd,available here.

St. Tropez twist

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

French music video a gogo : Audrey Arno

Fun scopitone of Audrey Arno's "Un collège Anglais" (The English college girls)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Italian music a gogo : Rita Pavone

Rita Pavone was born in Turin in 1945 to family impoverished after the war.At a very young age,she worked as a seamstress for a meager 50 Swiss francs a week.Rita Pavone was little,but she had big dreams of becoming a famous singer.By 15,she had already won the "Festa degli Sconosciuti" talent contest for undiscovered young artists in Ariccia, near Rome.The organizer (and her later husband) Teddy Reno gave her the opportunity of a lifetime when he brought her to Rome's prestigious studios. With her small size and young age,she was an instant hit.She quickly rose to the top of the charts and in 1965 she was invited to appear on the leading American music show, the Ed Sullivan Show. She recorded hit after hit,in particular "Bye Bye Blue Jeans" in 1964 and "Arrivederci Hans" in 1968.In the late sixties,she performed at New York's Carnegie Hall and the Olympia in Paris.She sang throughout Europe,especially in Berlin where she was nicknamed the littlest singer of schlager in the world. (Micheloud & Co and a big thanks again to 60-one)

Amore Twist
Il ballo del mattone

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French music a gogo : More Liz Brady

Another great song by the one and only Liz Brady (still going strong somewhere in Florida).And yes,Liz likes to go crazy in a song! More about Liz Brady in the archive.

Partie de dames

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Czech music a gogo : Helena Vondrácková

Born in Prague,it all started for Helena when on April 27 1964 she won the song contest "We are searching for new talents" with the G. Gershwin Song "The Man I Love".She was given a record contract and recorded several singles between 64 and 69.Then her first album was released.She was also (and still is) pretty big in Germany,she records and performs to this day.This is from one of her first singles (pictured on the left).

Kam vteriny padi (in Czech)

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

French music video a gogo : Sylvie Vartan

I must say that after watching a lot of youtube videos of Sylvie I actually started to like her early/mid 60's songs.I'm just not that fond of her late 60's/70's stuff.I must say she looked delicious in those early days,and man she can dance as well! Here we see her sporting short hair,something else! The song is "Est-ce que tu le sais" (1962) an interesting cover of "What I'd say".

French music a gogo : Catherine Desmarets

Sadly not much is known about Catherine.The only thing I know about her is that she made 2 ep's (both 1967) on Phillips.Another great song about computers making the difficult choices for us...

Les petits croix

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French music a gogo : Jacqueline Taïeb

Tunesian born Jacqueline composed her first songs aged 12 and recorded her first disc "7 heures du matin" for Impact records when she was 18. Her songs combined Arab, European and American influences.Her sixties ep's are highly prized for their garage sound.With her strong vocals, and talent for pop melodies, Jaqueline's songs are real gems that still sound fresh today.She still records and performs to this day.
(Adapted from the yé-yé girls website)

On roule à 160
Ce soir je m'en vais

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French music a gogo : Gainsbourg,Birkin,Vartan

Pretty rare original version (and video from the tv show) of this song,it also appeared recently on a Sylvie Vartan compilation (in a slighty different version).Penned by Gainsbourg at the request of Vartan who wanted to do some duets for tv,but who he doubted would sing any of his songs since "she wasn't that kind of girl",it became a trio with Birkin and got televised in the Carpentier show in 1972.Gainsbourg was very pleased Vartan didn't ask him to change any lyrics! I can only say bravo to Serge for penning this...

Les filles n'ont aucun dégout
Les filles n'ont aucun dégout video (18 MB)

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Swedish music video a gogo : Anni-Frid Lyngstad

Abba's Frida way back in 1967 with "En Ledig Dag".
More about Anni-Frid here.

French music a gogo : More Stella

Stella's take on the "Nouvelle Vague".
What a cracker!

Nouvelle Vague blues

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

French music video a gogo : Serge Gainsbourg,Brigitte Bardot,Sacha Distel

"La bise aux hippies",what a fun song and a great clip! :)

French music a gogo : France Gall

In 2003,Universal released the number 5 of the anthology Pop à Paris.It's with surprise that one heard France Gall sing an unreleased track written by Serge Gainsbourg in 1967,"Bloody Jack",with the same music and arrangements as the Gainsbourg penned "Teenie Weenie Boppie" released in the same year.The lyrics of this "Bloody Jack" are the same as those of the Gainsbourg version (released 1968 with different music).

France Gall-Bloody Jack
Serge Gainsbourg-Bloody Jack

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French music a gogo : Nancy Holloway

Born in the united States,Nancy made it big in France.She's had an amazing career in jazz and popular music,and yes she was friends with Elvis!

Je suis ye ye

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Visit dans mon café for another Nancy Holloway track and more yé-yé!

French music a gogo : Funny twist

Funny how things go,it all started with this,and before we knew it we arrived at these...

Henri Salvador-Le twist S.N.C.F.

Henri's take on the French railroad company...

Les Chausettes Noires and Maurice Chevalier-Le twist du canotier

Les Chausettes Noires making fun of Maurice and his trademark straw hat and vice versa... (Big thanks to 60-one!)

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

French music video a gogo : Petula,Sylvie and Françoise medley

Pretty cool...and fun!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Puertorrican music a gogo : Lucecita

Born in Puerto Rico,Lucecita (Benitez) quickly rose to fame at an early age,and at 17,she was part of a group of artists that were collectively known as the "Club del Clan" (The members of the club).In very little time,Lucecita achieved popularity and recognition,and from 1965 to 1976,she won several contests for artistic popularity in Puerto Rico,Santo Domingo,Venezuela and the United States.She still performs and records to this day.

El Club del Clan
El rebelde

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French music video a gogo : Sylvie Vartan

I must say that I'm not a big Sylvie fan but this clip for "Irresistiblement" is just that...irresistible.

French music a gogo : Double barrel of yé-yé

Little seems to be known about these yé-yé girls...Cosette wrote both the lyrics and music of her songs.The style is folk-rock beatnik,influenced by one of France's music heroes,Antoine.Although she is generally considered a "one-ep" wonder,she also seems to have made a "religious" ep in the late 60's.Jacqueline Perez was an actress as well as a singer,she released at least 3 ep's and a single.


Jacqueline Perez-Go home

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Update Seems Zanini's "Tu veux,tu veux pas" is not the original after all,check Zanini's post for more info...