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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Greek music a gogo : More Zoe

Feeling a lot better today and that means I'm starting work on the texts for the next posts! In the mean-time enjoy this great cover by Zoe (Zoitsa) Kouroukli of "Nem vem que não tem"/"Tu veux ou tu veux pas".This is the b-side of her rare 1969 "Dizzy" single.More info on her in the archive.Check out Mina Mazzini's Italian version here.
Sacumdi sacumda

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mexican music a gogo : Julissa

Mexican yé-yé girl Julissa (Julia Elisa Del Llano Macedo) debuted with rock-group Los Spitfires (formed by her brother) when she was 14.At that time it was the only rock-group in Mexico with a female singer.After playing in a radio contest,the group won second place and a chance to make a record for CBS.Between 1963 and 1964 Julissa recorded 3 lp's for CBS,as well as some tv soap opera themes.Julissa also acted in the theatre,tv and the movies (amongst them 2 horror movies with Boris Karloff!).She also produced and directed several tv shows and theatre plays (The unofficial Mexican Rocky Horror Show!).She continues to be a very big influence on Mexican tv to this day.

Dum dum
La favorita del profesor
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

French music a gogo : Evy

Born in Angers,French yé-yé girl/rocker Evy (Evelyne Verrechia) recorded her first ep in 1963.Her first ep's were typical yé-yé but she loved rock 'n' roll and could be found very often at the Golf Drouot,the Paris rock 'n' roll temple.Her rock sound made her very popular on "Salut les copains".She also paid hommage to Elvis with a cover of "Ain't that lovin' you baby","Quel merveilleux souvenir Johnny".Evy wrote almost all her own lyrics and became a very energetic rocker with a strong voice and some clever arrangements.She opened for The Who,The Kinks,The Rolling Stones,The Beatles and The Animals."I never felt stage-fright,I am,what it’s called “a stage animal!“ Stage is home to me! In the 60’s the audiences would throw all kinds of vegetables on stage,specially tomatoes,and eggs,or whistle you off…That never happened to me,on the contrary,they would throw me little dolls, fluffies or flowers".The labels Barclay/Rivièra released 5 singles and ep's in France and 2 in Canada.She had already recorded a single in Italian (on Messaggerie Musicale) with famous French composer Ivan Jullien and performed in Italy "I made my first TV show in Italy at Campione d’Italia with Gianni Ravera,in 1965,dressed Mary Quant,I wore the first mini-skirt in the Italien TV and received Gina Lollobriggida’s compliments",when she and her family (who were Italian) moved to Rome.There she made 2 more singles in Italian (both RCA),one of them "Domani il mondo sarà nelle nostre mani" produced by her brother Albert and accompanied by his group "Les Lemons".She moved to London in 1969 (what a girl!) and over there continued to work with the top musicians.Nowadays Evy is what we call a real cosmopolite (citizen of the world) and she keeps recording and performing it seems! Way to go Evy!

Quel genre de fille (new/better quality)
Une question qui se pose
Domani il mondo sarà nelle nostre mani (in Italian)

thanks to Italianbeat I can now also offer you all the a-side of her first single on RCA Italy:Evy's cover of "Keep on running" with lyrics written by her to fit the "beat" period...
L'abito non fà il beatnik (in Italian)

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Italian music a gogo : Le Mini Coopers

As requested something by Italian girl-group Le Mini Coopers,Italianbeat told me "one of the better Italian girl-groups of the 60's,I have never heard them and I'm Italian!".This comes from the ultra-rare single pictured on the left.A typical generic picture sleeve was used (I've found not one picture of this group) and the single has 2 different artists on each side "Le Mini Coopers: Mi abituerò/Barbarella:Sentimento".Both artists have nothing to do with each other.It was released in 1968 which seems a bit odd since the song by Le Mini Coopers sounds a lot also sounds surprisingly fresh.

Mi abituerò
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Friday, September 08, 2006

French music a gogo : Alice Dona

Alice Dona,a most jazzy yé-yé girl,recorded her first single when she was almost 17 in 1963 "Mon train de banlieue - Demain,j’ai dix sept ans".She composed and sometimes wrote her own songs.Her songs were also interpreted by a whole bunch of other artists,most notably French singer Serge Lama with whom she also collaborated on songs for a while.Between 1963 and 1964 Alice made six superb singles and ep's.She also recorded in Italian sometimes.The ep pictured on the left seems to be the most sought after,her other ep's and singles can be found relatively cheap.She performed for the first time at the Olympia in Paris in 1963.In 1965 she married Bernard Ricci,singer of "Les Célibataires" (I guess that group had to change their name!).In 1967 the fact that Alice was pregnant stopped her from performing and recording for a while,and she decided to write songs for other artists instead.By the early 70's she was back.She still performs and records to this day.(Big thanks to 60-one)

C'est pas prudent
Mon train de banlieu
Les garçons
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Italian music a gogo : Brunetta (e i suoi Balubas)

Lots of work this week,so only a short update for now,more soon! In contrast to Spanish and French yé-yé singers I've found there seems to be very little information about Italian yé-yé girls and girl-groups available.People who own the great "Arriva la bomba" compilation will certainly remember Brunetta (together with The Balubas) of the memorable "Baluba shake",curious enough this song actually became a hit amongst the mods in late 60's England.The second song featured here is the b-side of this great 1966-67? single and this one strangely reminds me of a song by Spanish singer Karina...I've heard rumors Brunetta was considered the anti-Caterina Caselli in that time,not unlike Stella was considered the anti-Sheila in France.There is a rather pricey Italian cd compilation available called "Shake".If somebody has anymore info on her please let me know,greatly appreciated! :)

Baluba Shake
Il secondo giorno
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