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Friday, February 24, 2006

Music a gogo : Tonia

Daughter of Dutch professional cyclist Jef Dominicus and Dutch revue and operetta-singer Belia Van Lier,Tonia was born in Anderlecht/Belgium.Tonia started performing at age 12,among other things she performed for 6 years at the "Folies Bergères" in Brussels as a singer-danser,like her mother.She became known as a perfect bi-lingual singer in French as well as in Dutch.Of course everybody remembers her cheeky mouth and her 2 cute dimples.Tonia's first record was a French-language one "Mon p'tit copain de vacances",her first Dutch-language records in 1963 were translations from German songs "Drie musketiers" (Conny/Drei Musketiere) and "Met 16 kan je nog dromen" (Peggy March/Mit 17 hat man noch Träume).Her best known song from that period is of course "Geef mij voor mijn verjaardag toch een Beatle" in Dutch or "Pour mon anniversaire je voudrais un Beatle" in French,a tranlation of "Ich wünsch mir zum Geburtstag einen Beatle" from German girl-group The Sweetles.In 1965 she participated in the "Knokke-cup",there she sang amongst others the French version of "Forget Domani" and ended second with the Belgian team.In 1966 she represented Belgium in the Eurovision song-contest with "Un peu de poivre,un peu de sel" and ended fourth,Belgium's highest notation at that time.After that Tonia disappeared from the Belgian music-scene,and married trumpet-player Albert Mertens.End 60's - early 70's Tonia had a string of hits in Germany with songs like "Texas Cowboy Pferde Sattel Verkauferin" and others.Tonia performed numerous times on television and even had her own tv-show it seems,if anybody should have some footage?

Geef mij voor mijn verjaardag toch een Beatle (in Dutch) expired
Oké-oké (in Dutch) (Big thanks to 60-one)
Pour lui plaire
Lui,Joli petit poisson,Skibbeldibabdi Baby and Tommy Jones in one .zip file expired

files will be hosted approx. 7 days


  • At 10:06 AM, Anonymous YEYEOHYEAH said…

    Hello Bruno
    Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous.
    At last i can read info about Tonia in English and its great to be able to find out about her for the first time.
    She is a truly wonderful singer and yes she was gorgeous as well, with her dimples and dark hair and cheeky flirty style (but vocally she was the real deal).
    I agree that it would be great if anyone had any video clips of her from her tv show or from anything shes done.
    Finally does anyone know what shes doing now as i have searched the net in the past and there is very little info on her and there definitely doesnt seem to be any websites about her.
    Thanks so much for all the great info you have provided plus those top songs and also thanks to 60-one for their input too.
    I will look forward to any other songs or comments.
    Another well appreciated weekend finale Bruno

  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger Ron. said…

    Hi Bruno.
    Thanks very much for this music!!
    The verjaardag link gives an error (file not found)?
    Will try later again ,perhaps a hickup.Otherwise please check/replace.


  • At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Post je e-mail adres, ik stuur je de "verjaardag mp3" wel door.


  • At 11:41 AM, Blogger Bruno said…

    Hi guys,link is back up,glad you are enjoying,tracking down some more Tonia,perhaps even a video? :)

  • At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi guys, Tonia has such a perfect voice. I'm searching for some titles I can't find anywhere. Maybe some of you can navigate me or send me mp3 version. I'm missing "Mon p'tit copain de vacances", "Les trois mousquetaires", "Claque-tes doigts", "Si ton Coeur s'amuse", "Kimi (Gee)" "Tous les beaux jours", "Pour lui plaire" and "Ce n'est pas loin domani" and "Maintenant". If you can help I will appreciate it very much. Thanks very much in advance, Jan


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