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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Québécois music a gogo : Les 4 Copines

Lots of work this week so only a short update,more soon! Québécois girl-group Les 4 copines released one single "Qui les filles/Il a le truc" in 1964.Incidentally the same songs were released in France by French girl-group Les Gam's also in 1964.Now who covered who? Of what I've heard of both I must say I prefer Les 4 Copines.

Il a le truc
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Italian music a gogo : more La Cricca

More by the girls and boys of La Cricca (Italianbeat told me it means "the pack" in Italian).I just love this group,surprisingly enough a few of their singles are available relatively cheap on eBay Italia.(Big thanks to Italianbeat)

Balliamo senza scarpe

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Music a gogo : rare France cover!

Rare alternate version of France Gall's German sung "Der Computer Nr. 3".
Freddy from Germany solved the mystery! "Very interesting post but,sorry Bruno,Version II is not France.It's Charlotte Marian,published on Tempo-Records (No.: Tempo 1016). Charlotte just tried to imitate a french accent to sound like France.
In the 60s,Tempo was a well known record company in germany.They recorded popular songs using unknown artists. Tempo singles were sold half the price than the original.Charlotte Marian (real Name Charlotte Bruhn) was married to Christian Bruhn, the composer of "Ein bisschen Goethe ..."".Thanks for the info Freddy!
MORE INFO! Just checked my mail and ..."Yes it's Charlotte Marian but her real name is...Katja Bischoff (°16.2.1937 Obernburg).Under this alias she recorded several records for the Teeny record label,the Tempo record-label in Germany.Katja Bischoff was also one of the 3 Sweetles,known from "Ich wünsch mir zum Geburtstag einen Beatle".The other 2 members of The Sweetles were Tina Rainford and Monika Grimm." WOW! A cover by a member of Die Sweetles :) Oh I've changed the tag.

France Gall-Der Computer Nr. 3
Charlotte Marian-Der Computer Nr. 3

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Bonus "Der Computer Nr. 3" and "Ein bißchen Goethe,ein bißchen Bonaparte" live on German tv.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

French music a gogo : Cris Carol(l)

When a very young Cris Carol won "Les Relais de la musique Française",3 record-labels wanted to sign her (Pathé,Philips and Festival).She ended up signing with Festival,who decided to start her out as a yé-yé singer.When Festival went bankrupt (after releasing 2 ep's by her),she signed a contract with Pathé who released a further 3? ep's.After that it seems she grew tired of the yé-yé scene and she concentrated on writing songs for other artists,most notably Chantal Kelly.

Madison à Saint Tropez
Je souris sous la pluie

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Italian music a gogo : Gemelle Kessler

What's better than 1 yé-yé girl? Two! And what's even better? Twins! The German born Kessler Twins (well-known as star dancers in the Paris Lido by the late 50's) became a sensation when they moved to Italy in the early 60's and started recording there.They performed all over the world and still do in Germany.If there's interest I'll consider doing a special on them since not much seems to available in English...Watch them dance and sing "Quando quando" (scopitone) here,turn up loud!

Il giro
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Upcoming:a special on Les Surfs (with lots of their international stuff),more La Cricca,Brazil's Silvinha,French wonder Cléo (finally finished that one) and much more!

Friday, October 13, 2006

French music video a gogo : Les Surfs

Si j'avais un marteau live on French tv
Incredible how small they were,average height of the group was between 1,43 and 1,55 meters,it's clearly visible in this video.Consisting of 4 brothers and 2 sisters,Les Surfs were pretty big however in terms of success and they released records in France,Italy,Spain,Canada and Mexico amongst others.The 2 sisters have sadly passed away,the 4 brothers currently live in Montréal,Canada.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Italian music a gogo : La Cricca

Another Italian group that's a bit of a mystery,consisting of 3 boys (in red/pink) and 3 girls (in blue) or 2 girls/2 boys on another 45 of the same period,they seem to have released quite a few singles.The girls have lead vocals so that makes it very nice.This single is from 64/65.Swinging stuff...

Il surf delle mattonelle
Vieni al mare

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French music a gogo : Les Petites Souris

This early 60's French all-girl group featured future yé-yé girl Pussy Cat.
It seems they only released one ep.

Cette mélodie que l'orchestre joue

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Music a gogo : Jacques Dutronc in Italian

From time to time there will be some yé-yé boys around (to get the girls drinks I suppose?).Nice Italian version of Dutronc's "Et moi,et moi,et moi",believe me his Italian is better than his Spanish. :)

Il mondo va così
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French music a gogo : Dorine

Seems this is pretty rare on record,Dorine released one ep and one single (2 same tracks as ep),not much seems to be known about her except that she was the wife of Italian 60's singer Gino.Here's the hit of The Ikettes,"Peaches 'n' cream" that became "Pêches à la crème" in French.Great cover!

Pêches à la crème
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy birthday! (I think...)

Schlocker is 1 year old (give or take a few days and yes I know I got a bit carried away with the candles).I don't know exactly because in a crazy mood I wanted to quit last November and deleted all the older posts.I'm glad I didn't! :) Once more I'd like to thank all those who were an inspiration for this blog:spiked candy,blowupdoll,filles sourires and retro babe! Yes you! Also a big thanks to all contributors and everyone who left a comment from time to time (always nice to hear from you).So for a new year (hopefully) I'd like to do a little referendum for all you yé-yé fanatics...

What would you like to see more of?
a) French/Québéc stuff
b) trans-world
c) it doesn't matter as long I can hear girls and fun melodies

What kind of yé-yé would you like?
x) early please
y) later up until 70
z) I don't care as long as it's yé-yé

Also how about those yé-yé boys?
1) yes,please
2) no,thank you
3) as long as they sound like girls

Any requests for future posts? The time is now :) Dansons!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brazilian music a gogo : Vanusa

"Vanusa (Vanusa Santos Flores),singer and composer,was born in Cruzeiro,SP,on September 22,1947.She was raised in Uberaba and Frutal,MG,where she studied guitar and when she was 16 started out to sing, and she worked as a crooner with a band called Golden Lions.Singing in ballrooms in many cities in Minas Gerais state she was discovered by Sidney Carvalho,who was working for Prosperi,Magaldi & Maia,a publicity agency.Going to São Paulo,SP,she was launched as the new Wanderléia, then the most famous young girl singer.In 1966, at the peak of Jovem Guarda movement,she started on the TV show O Bom, hosted by Eduardo Araújo,in TV Excelsior network.She signed a contract with RCA Victor and got a hit with ‘Pra Nunca Mais Chorar’ (Carlos Imperial and Eduardo Araújo)."After that first single her recording career seems to have been launched.(Big thanks to Refer for the translation from Portuguese) According to Refer: "Vanusa was one of few 'yé yé girl' in Brazil. She was part of jovem guarda movement in the 60s, along with other 'yé yé girls' such as Silvinha, Nalva Aguiar and Waldirene.The earlier 60s' Vanusa career was inspired on Sylvie Vartan for sure.She tried hard to look like Sylvie (that was virtually unknown here) on the hair style, dressing etc.She even recorded 'Irresistiblement' in Portuguese.In the middle seventies she emerged as a 'serious' singer in the Elis Regina's vein. And what a good surprising job she did! I even recommend Loronix to post a couple of her 70s albums as fine Brazilian music.She still performs till today." For yé-yé fans I can recommend her first 2 albums "Vanusa 68" and "Vanusa 69" which seem to be available together on 1 cd (CD: 2 LP'S EM 1 CD - VANUSA VOL 1).(Big thanks to Refer and ZecaLouro!)

Mundo colorido (Vanusa 68)
Atômico platônico (Vanusa 69)
Hey Joe (fantastic version with racing car sounds!)

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Italian music a gogo : Brigitte

Check out one-hit? wonder Brigitte (probably named after BB,for which the song was originally meant ) with this pretty rare Italian version of "Je t'aime moi non plus",this single was a promo copy not for sale included in Italian erotic NEW KING magazine somewhere in 1968.Reportedly it was not officially released because it was deamed obscene...
In any case it makes a far more naughty listen than the original Italian cover (by Giorgio Albertazzi and Anna Proclemer).(Big thanks to Italianbeat)

Ti amo...ed io di più
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Czech it out

For everyone interested in Czech music,Lou Kash has started a blog called Funky Czech-In.As the title says, it's more about the funky "thide of sings".Schlocker already featured Vondrácková ;a post or two are planned on her.Lots of late 60's - early 70's music will be up overthere...