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Thursday, August 31, 2006

French music a gogo : Gaynaël

Can't tell you a lot about Gaynaël except that she released 2 singles on CBS and seems to have been in the habit of writing her own music.The lyrics for this song were written by the legendary Frank Gérald who wrote for about every singer in France.Amongst his huge credits list we find Bardot's "Fille de paille",Françoise Hardy's "Le premier bonheur du jour" and several songs by Les Parisiennes to name a few.This one's supposed to be from around 68.
Romantale et sentimentique
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Québécois music a gogo : More Intrigantes

Some more songs by fine Québécois girl-group Les Intrigantes and thanks to Ion we can also enjoy their greatest hit,the 1967 French-language Beatle cover of "Hello goodbye".

Mets Chinois
Hello goodbye

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Greek music a gogo : The Girls/Zoe & The Stormies

Meet The Girls,the only all-girl group during the 60's in Greece.They only put out one record "Rocket for girls/Hello Beethoven".(Sadly I can find no picture of this group)

"Zoitsa "Zoe" Kouroukli is one of the Greek singers that roamed the Greek music scene in the sixties. In 1959 Miss Kouroukli started out as the candidate for Greece in the election of the “Miss Universe" contest. Although she did make it into the semi-finals, the big prize that year went to her Japanese opponent.During her musical career that followed, Zoe regularly performed in local venues, and apart from releasing several songs on her own, she also played together with various Greek bands of the time, like The Minis and The Stormies." (Info by Ivar de Vries)
Here she joins The Stormies for a great English language version of "Chica yeyé".(Picture of Zoe on the left)
Since their records were only released in Greece they are pretty rare.
More Greek girls coming soon!

The Girls-Hello Beethoven
The Girls-Rocket for girls
Zoe & The Stormies-The girl of yeye (new/better quality)

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Italian music video a gogo : Mina + Morricone

"Se telefonando" on Italian tv 1960's
Vocals by Mina Mazzini,music by Ennio Morricone.
2 greats for the price of one!

Friday, August 25, 2006

French music a gogo : Michèle et ses Wouaps

Can't really tell you a lot about Michèle or ses Wouaps,but they sure sound great! Would love to hear some more.Have a fab week-end!

Dam dam

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cuban music a gogo : Las Hermanas Benitez

The 3 Benitez sisters usually performed on live tv shows and were pretty popular it seems.Their records are a mix of more traditional latin as well as yé-yé sounds.There's a double cd compilation currently available (Hermanas Benítez. Todos sus éxitos en España en discos Discophon (1964-1967) BLANCO Y NEGRO MUSIC, SA BLA05364, 2 CD).

Baila ye-yé
Estas botas son para caminar
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Belgian music a gogo : Liliane Saint Pierre

If you're interested in some Belgian yé-yé from one of the first singers to be signed to "Disques Flèche" (the record label owned by Claude François) be sure to visit Dan's sound of the past for her complete 68 ep.And be sure to leave a comment to inspire him to put some more songs up by the talented Liliane...
Update: Get her first single from 1964 (in Dutch) here.Liliane used to sing in French,Dutch and German...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Québécois music a gogo : Les Planètes

Another girl-group from Québec,consisting of Hélène Duguay (bass guitar),Margie Duplessis (guitar),Rosy Lang (organ) and Linda Duncan (drums).Hélène was also a member of the first Québécois girl-group "Les Beatlettes".

Mon ami noir

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Music a gogo : More yé-yé unknowns

Another repost I promised...First up we have the delightful Sophie Mansart from France and then we have Tammy St. John who I know is British but here she sings in French.Talk about a swinging duo!

Sophie Mansart - Au secours aidez-moi
Tammy St. John - Boys

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spanish music a gogo : Shelly y Nueva Generación and Finnish music video a gogo : Carola

Can't tell you much about this Spanish group except that they are pretty fab! Regulars will already know their "I'm just a fool" from the monster yé-yé post.

Vestido azul
Mr. Train,hurry up
La mujer diablo
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Seems a lot of people missed (due to all sorts of reasons) the monster yé-yé post and I've had several requests to put the monster back up,so I will...

Finnish Carola with "Chain of fools" 1969 talk about a WILD video...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Québécois music a gogo : Les Intrigantes

This girl-group from Québec recorded 5 singles and had their biggest hit in 1967 with the Beatles-cover "Hello goodbye".They split up in 1968 leaving some fine music behind.This is from their first 1965 record.

Faut savoir

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Belgian music a gogo : Ariane

Belgian (Brussels-based) yé-yé girl Ariane Buyst released several 45's/ep's solo as well as with Les 10/20.Love her version of "Bird dog","Les Gémeaux"!

Les Gémeaux

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For more Ariane go to dans mon café!

Singaporean music a gogo : Lara

Singaporean yé-yé girl Lara used to be backed by The Trailers,not sure if she's here as the record not clearly states it.She seems to have made several ep's (with The Trailers as well as solo).As modcentric pointed out,it seems Nancy Sinatra's music was a strong influence among a lot of asian singers in the 60's, so that would explain this one.Seems her records are extremely rare (foreign collectors bought them all?).

Sugar town

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Norwegian music a gogo : More Kirsti Sparboe

Incredibly Kirsti's whole career seems to be focused around the Eurovision song-contest.She entered the Norwegian pre-selection in 65,66,67,68,69,72,74 and 77 either alone or in collaboration with other musicians.She represented Norway on the Eurovision song-contest in 65,67,68 (collaboration) and 69 but never won.Besides from that only two singles where released by her in Norway (66 with The Vanguards/69 with Benny Borg) but she released at least 9 singles in Germany (sung in German) where she was pretty big and she also released several albums in Norway,and now thanks to Dan we can enjoy some of her non-Eurovision songs.(ysi links)

Gi meg fri (Second place Melodi Grand Prix 1966)
Na skal du fa kjerlighet (What the world needs now is love)
Til meg kan du alltid komme (Don't sleep in the subway)
Hvem har sagt jeg savner deg
Du er alt (Il mio mondo/You're my world)
Pa en gammel benk (Un banc,un arbre,une rue)

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

French music a gogo : Victoire Scott

As requested by the good people at get hip! a repost.
Enter in the 4th dimension with Victoire Scott,improbable French Sandie Shaw,whose lyrics show a very special personality and a use of various mind-altering substances.
This is the b-side of her single "4éme dimension".

Par delà le sang de la terre

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Spanish music a gogo : Licia

Another Spanish yé-yé girl who's gathered a cult-following over the years,a fantastic diamond in the raw in the style of a Françoise Hardy.

Porque eres beat

Upcoming : A special on Norway's Kirsti Sparboe,Spain's Marisol and much more!
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

French music a gogo : Elsa

Not to be confused with Elsa Leroy,yé-yé girl Elsa (Darde) made at least one 45,several ep's and an album and was a more protest-folk-beat influenced singer.

Dis pourquoi moi,dis moi
C'est bizarre

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

German music a gogo : More Crazy Girls

A big thanks to Ion who send me this great version (with vocals) of "Walk,don't run" by Germany's own Crazy Girls! Myself I've managed to dig up their version of "Leader of the pack".

Still looking for "The hully gully hop" and other songs,if somebody can help?

Lass dir Zeit
Der Feuerstuhl

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Italian music a gogo : More Rita Pavone


What an incredible performer...
Watch a live performance here

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Spanish music a gogo : Karina

Karina was born Maribel Llaudes Santiago on December 4, 1945 in the Andalusian town of Jaén.She made her recording debut as Maribel Llaudes in 1961 with two unsuccessful covers of songs chosen from that year's Festival De La Canción De Benidorm.When the newly-christened Karina released her first 4-song EP on the Hispavox label in 1963, Spain was blessed with a new teenaged superstar-unquestionably the queen of Spanish Ye-Yé,and much-idolized for her blond hair and baby-faced good looks.Like French Ye-Yé favorite,Sylvie Vartan,Karina's early EPs (1963-1966) contained mostly lightweight cover- songs like John Barry's "Goldfinger",Serge Gainsbourg's "Oh Oh Sheriff",and Bacharach-David's "Always Something There To Remind Me".It was Karina's version of an Alberto Cortez song called "Me Lo Dijo Pérez" that took home the 1st prize at the Festival De La Canción De Mallorca in 1965.Not much of a surprise considering the lyrics of "Me Lo Dijo Pérez" read like a tourism ad for the town of Palma De Mallorca (the joys of splashing in the ocean/the never-ending parties in wonderful Mallorca).At the height of Karina's fame, she couldn't even go out shopping in Spain for fear of being mobbed by fans,and had to resort to traveling to London to buy her clothes.By the latter half of the sixties Karina no longer relied on cover versions for hits and worked with Spanish songwriters on chart-toppers like "El Baúl De Los Recuerdos" (1969), and "Colores" (1970).Karina's participation in the 1970 Spanish TV special Pasaporte A Dublín,a song contest that served as a warm-up to the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest,won her second place with the beautiful ballad,"En Un Mundo Nuevo".Karina married the composer of ""En Un Mundo Nuevo",a songwriter named Tony Luz who played guitar in a popular rock'n roll band called Los Pekinekes.Karina went through husbands like Liz Taylor,and rumor has it that she was married a total of seven times.After her quick split with Tony Luz, she took off to Bali and then returned to her hometown of Jaén soon after.Her last recording for Spanish label Hispavox was in 1977,but in the early eighties she made a minor comeback with some hit releases in Mexico.Karina recently made an appearance on the 2003 Spanish TV series Vivo Cantando where she competed against a line-up of contemporary Spanish pop stars.Welcomed back by a wildly enthusiastic audience,Karina broke down in tears after receiving the most national phone-in votes when she sang two of her biggest hits - "Romeo Y Julieta" and "En Un Mundo Nuevo".(adapted from the article at cha cha charming magazine by Lex Marsh) Big thanks to John Jhon from Spain for the songs!

Yeh yeh
Muñeca de cera (Poupée de cire,poupée de son)
Me lo dijo Pérez (The Mallorca twist)
Romeo y Julieta
El baúl de los recuerdos
En un mondo nuevo

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Danish music video a gogo : Vivi Bach

"Das süsse Leben" from 1962.
Danish Vivi Bach (born Vivi Bak) had an incredible musical career in Germany,that's why most of her songs are in German.She was called "the Danish Bardot" back then.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

French music a gogo : Camille

Sadly nothing seems to be known about this swinging yé-yé girl except that she made 2 ep's.This is from her first one.

Opération charme

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Update:Freddy from Germany got me some info on and a rare picture of The Crazy Girls! Yay! That post has been updated. :)


If you like 60's and early 70's instrumental music check out whoops.
There's a nice compilation online for the moment and the concept of this blog is certainly unusual,French (and European) instrumentals! Various Artists "Le boom boom ! Rock, Twist, Hully Gully, Jerk from France 1963-1968" up now over there.More promised...